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Bullguard subscription

1-year subscription
Product available for Android devices and PC only

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Mobile Security Device

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1 device
3 devices (+ $19.96)
5 devices (+ $29.96)
6 devices (+ $34.96)
7 devices (+ $39.96)
8 devices (+ $44.96)
9 devices (+ $49.96)
10 devices (+ $54.96)

FEATURES: Mobile Security app features

"The app which gives you total protection for your mobile device and personal data"


Antivirus. Stop that malware Cloud-based AV engine,Full scan, On-Access scan, Always up-to-date, Remote monitoring, Malware classification based on threat level.


Backup. Always safe Backup and Data Restore, Data back-up, Backup and Restore from anywhere.

Parental Contro

Parental Control. Fear not Message monitoring, Call monitoring, Picture monitoring, Locate or GPS tracking, Remote Management.


Antitheft. Tracks, locates and wipes your phone. Lock and unlock, Wipe, SIM-change protection, Scream.

Call Manager

Call Manager. No entry Blocked items tab, Blacklist tab, Customizable, Short code block, Whitelist tab, Remote Management.

Mobile Security Manager

Mobile Security Manager. In control - remotely All of the mobile security functions can be operated from your web dashboard, on any computer with a browser, whether it’s remote protection, back up or managing your settings.